Berkhamsted Art Exhibition (Mark II)

Wow… where did all my posts go?
The ones about those four wonderful days of pastel-society-cum-local-artists-workshops in the summer? The ones about all the portrait swap sessions I’ve held at my house, the lifedrawing days, and those St Albans Art Soc workshops that badger me reluctantly out of my comfort zone(s)?

… Oh yeah. I didn’t write them yet.

It does appear that I mostly post about local exhibitions, after being galvanised into action by the nudge of guilt and duty, usually in the form of emails from the relevant art society saying ‘please promote our exhibition(!!)’.

Speaking of which…

Please come along to Berkhamsted Art Society’s Winter exhibition at Berkhamsted Civic Centre, 101 High Street, HP4 3HD!

Entry is free, and the exhibition is open Friday 13th December 11am to 8pm, and Saturday 14th December 9am to 5pm. There is also a fashion show running from 2.30pm on Saturday.

Please note – the exhibition is only open for two days this time, so don’t miss out…


… anyway, these posts are all well and good – after all, my work is in these exhibitions too (see featured image ;p) – but they aren’t quite what I envisaged when starting my posts.

So, here’s a quick snapshot of me at the moment, worshipping at the altar of the retouch varnish1 in preparation for lugging work into the exhibition tomorrow…

Varnishing point



NB in the vein of retouch varnish, guidelines recommend that it is applied in a dust free environment, to avoid dirt settling on the freshly-stickified surface of one’s painting. Guidelines also recommend that varnishing is undertaken in a very well ventilated area, to avoid gassing onesself.

Anyone knowing of somewhere which is both DUST FREE and WELL VENTILATED… please do let me know…

Berkhamsted Art Exhibition

Just a quick post to plug the local Berkhamsted Art Society Exhibition1, which is running until 5pm this Saturday (18th May2). It is a beautiful exhibition of local artists held in Berkhamsted Civic Centre, open daily from 9am to 5pm.

I was very surprised during my stewarding slot to discover how few visitors the exhibition was getting – considering the attractive venue, the location bang in the centre of Berkhamsted (barely ten minutes walk3 from the nearest railway station), the free tea, coffee and biscuits on offer, and of course the quality of the artwork on display4.

So – do please come and have a look if you’re in the area over the next few days!

190516 Berkhamsted Map

Or, as I have affectionately heard it phrased, Berko.

And not in fact the 8th of May, which was the date I so cunningly wrote on some blameless visitor’s receipt today…

Or – as I discovered dashing for the train home – 4.5 minutes flat-out running with a heavy backpack.

Not just mine ;p.