Spot the difference…

The final owl commission, subtly different from the previous three owl commissions, and finished just in time for Herts Open Studios.

Also completed just in time were several shortbread biscuits (plain and lemon & white chocolate), flapjacks and some rather tasty focaccia bread ^^. I may even spend some time doing artwork tomorrow rather than baking…

[Edit: *smacks own wrist* also here is the credit for the owl source image:

Upcoming Open Studios…

OK. So. Preparation for my first attempt at participating in Open Studios (general info here) has started. Some might think that preparation should have started, say, several weeks back, but hohum.

Anyway, this is an event where various artists in Hertfordshire open their studios to visitors throughout September – all at different times and in different locations, so it’s handy to check the online brochure on HVAF’s website if you have someone specifically in mind to visit.

[Baked goods may be provided at my studio. I’m just saying. Hint, hint.]

Currently most of my preparation appears to be handing out leaflets (as per the above image) to try and increase publicity for this event… so lots of good, healthy walking for me tomorrow.

Aftermath of the SAAS Exhibition…

A mere 21 days after the end of the exhibition, I have scrambled on top of my backlog enough to actually post something about it… this bodes ill for my organisation regarding the upcoming Herts Open Studios, but more on that in later posts.

In summary, the St Albans Art Society summer exhibition went very well in general, with some rather spiffy pictures of it available here and here on the society website. It also went well for me personally, as I came out of it with my pastel of Cedar the Eagle owl sold and three commissions for more. Moreover the same owl got voted in as second-most-popular framed picture in an exhibition with over 200 entries; most flattering ^^. Owls for everyone!

Alas, my still life did not meet with the same success and has returned to its dust-gathering location against a wall.

My final entry to the exhibition is the oil painting ‘Thundercats’ featured at the top of this post. It took half of forever to paint and earned barely a glance, but hey, I like it. I would love to upload a good image of this into the website gallery proper, but my camera is simply not up to the task and the above offering (smushed together in the middle to edit out all the varnish reflections) was the best I could get.

St Albans Art Society Exhibition…

As a member of St Albans Art Society I am exhibiting a few pictures in our annual summer exhibition, as per the poster above. Details are as follows:

  • Entry is free!
  • Dates: Wednesday 25th July – Saturday 28th July 2018
  • Time: 10am – 6pm
  • Venue: Upper Dagnall Street Baptist Church Hall, St Albans, Herts, AL3 5EE

Further information can be found on the St Albans Art Society website (, or feel free to get in touch with me directly.

Commissions page in progress

Feedback from several people on this site suggested a commissions page would be useful, so one is being created to give some information on:

  • Ordering or commissioning original artworks
  • Ordering prints
  • Ordering greetings cards
  • Ordering other types of reproductions
  • Indicative postage costs (of original artworks)

And in other news… lovely weather we’ve been having here!