Turn and turn about… a final post

Well. It’s been a while. Big changes were (and are) afoot for me.

The first was going back to work last February. My self-designated two-year painting period came to a close; it was time to have an income again. I had the great good luck to find a studio nearby, shared with some lovely artists – so in theory I could nip out early from work and do a bit of painting of an evening – providing I resisted the allure of the sushi restaurant en route…

Still, it was a bit of a shock to the system.

Next, in common with pretty much everyone else on the planet, was suffering the changes wrought by covid-19. No sooner had I limped back into the office and escaped my desk at home than the office closed, mandating an unwelcome return to being cooped up in the house all day, and an even less welcome dead stop to any exhibition or art workshop-type plans I may have had.

Nonetheless, there were some silver linings: the first being that at least I *could* still work from home, thus fortunately keeping my job; the second, that I ended up with a useful work laptop, which came in handy for all those Skype calls; and the third… well, working-from-home did have some convenience benefits in light of big change #3…

So, what now?

Most of what I would put in a post on this website has now migrated to my Instagram @traceysdrawings, by virtue of being quicker, easier and editable via my phone (I know, I know… sorry >_<). This was the case even before the small but adorable eater-of-my-time arrived and spent evenings asleep on my lap.

Therefore – this is probably the last post I’ll be writing for the foreseeable future. I’m still keeping (and possibly even maintaining; you never know!) this website – but long rambly posts are probably a thing of the past. A great tragedy, I am sure.

And so… goodbye for the moment. I will leave you with a small flurry of quick pastel drawings (plus one which was… not so quick), which ironically have been motivated by the blissful night hours of baby duty while she is sound asleep…

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